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About Literature / Hobbyist Bryane Ghilani31/Female/United States Groups :iconwindsanddarkness: WindsAndDarkness
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Rascal Vore Dream
I dreamed that i was an armadillo pixie (since i can roll into a ball and roll away). I then overheard Rascal planning something. But then he discovered that i was eavesdropping and i tried to roll away while he chased me. He soon had me pinned under his foot and grabbed me by my tail as he lifted me to get a good look at me. Licking his lips Rascal lifted me over his head and slowly lowered me into his maw. He took his time swallowing me whole, leaving a slight bulge that was barely noticeable in his stomach. I tried to get out as i felt him rubbing me against the walls of his stomach.
:iconnaga07:naga07 5 4
Rascal Art 5 by naga07 Rascal Art 5 :iconnaga07:naga07 6 11 Rascal Art 4 by naga07 Rascal Art 4 :iconnaga07:naga07 4 1 Rascal Art 3 by naga07 Rascal Art 3 :iconnaga07:naga07 4 1
I need a tutorial on how to download from Exiled-Destiny; and i mean a visual step-by-step tutorial.
or if someone knows how to download can you pm me and i give you a list of what i want and you upload to mega or something like that.
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Rascal Fan Button by naga07 Rascal Fan Button :iconnaga07:naga07 5 21 Rascal Art 2 by naga07 Rascal Art 2 :iconnaga07:naga07 7 3 Rascal Sketch 3 by naga07 Rascal Sketch 3 :iconnaga07:naga07 6 0 Rascal Art by naga07 Rascal Art :iconnaga07:naga07 5 3 Rascal Sketch 2 by naga07 Rascal Sketch 2 :iconnaga07:naga07 7 1 Rascal Sketch 1 by naga07 Rascal Sketch 1 :iconnaga07:naga07 6 1
My Dragon Deck
Summon Monk x1
Darkstorm Dragon x1
Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon x1
Decoy Dragon x1
Red Eyes Wyvern x1
Aether the Evil Empowering Dragon x1
Hieratic Dragon of Eset x2
Hieratic Dragon of Nebthet x3
Ancient Dragon x1
Hieratic Seal of the Sun Dragon Overlord x3
Winged Dragon Guardian of the Fortress #1 x1
Keeper of the Shrine x1
Kidmodo Dragon x1
Eclipse Wyvern x1
Kaiser Seahorse x1
Twin-headed Behemoth x1
Hieratic Seal of the Dragon King x3
Hieratic Dragon of Nuit x3
Luster Dragon x3
Lord of Dragons x2
WattailDragon x2
Honest x2
Hieratic Dragon of Tenuit x2
Blue Eyes White Dragon x3
White Night Dragon x1
Light and Darkness Dragon x1
Slifer the Sky Dragon x1
Hieratic Dragon of Asar x2
Dragonic Tactics x1
Hieratic Seal of Convocation x2
Swords of Revealing Light x1
Mountain x1
Final Countdown x1
Symbols of Duty x1
Mound of the Bound Creator x2
Hieratic Seal of Supremacy x4
Flute of Summoning Dragons x2
Dragon Shield x3
Re-Fusion x1
Fusion Recovery x1
De-Fusion x2
:iconnaga07:naga07 1 0
Jackal's Delicious Vengence
“This is gonna be fun. *chuckles*” Jackal said looking down on the weakened Lucy.
Lucy was weakened from summoning 3 celestial gates; Loki and Vigo was blasted back to their world by Jackal and Aquarius was injured by Torafuzar.  She lays there helpless while Jackal pinned her down with his foot.
Since Natsu and Happy were presumed dead as they were absorbed by the effect of Mard Geer’s Alegria so he knew that tormenting Lucy would be the next best thing to those two. The question was twofold; what to do with her and how to make it last?
After a while of thinking there was an ominous rumbling that filled the halls. Jackal looked down and realized it was coming from his stomach. He placed his hand on it and rubbed it as though to try and calm it down. When he then looked at Lucy, an idea came to mind as he smiled. He then licked his teeth and lips “I now know just how to make this as painful as possible for you.”
Removing his foot from Lucy, Jackal kne
:iconnaga07:naga07 7 0
Mature content
The Spider's Lair :iconnaga07:naga07 16 4
The Dragonboy's Lair
I was walking home from work one night, only concerned that I get home before some mugger or weirdo finds me.
Rojas, the dragonboy, sat quietly in the darkness of the forest, his red skin made black by the shadows. Rojas spends most of his time hidden away from the outside world, living in solitude inside of a massive network of caves in the local mountains, his only company is the gold and jewels that he hordes. At his massive size it would seem impossible for his existence to be kept hidden from the humans that live outside. There are stories of monsters and demons inside the caverns, which had long ago been cast down as folklore. Anyone who has ever met the dragonboy never got a chance to tell their story.
His red eyes peered down onto the dark road, lit only by the occasional, flickering streetlight. He perked up as a clicking sound began to echo into the forest. His eyes followed the sound until he spotted her. His lips curled in a grin, revealing an ivory wall of teeth. They were
:iconnaga07:naga07 20 6
Rascal Excited (150x150) by naga07 Rascal Excited (150x150) :iconnaga07:naga07 8 3

every time i hear this song i think of Rascal
Rascal Excited (150x150) by naga07

being faithful to Emperor NogoPierrot Float Animation by MementoM0R1


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Bryane Ghilani
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Personal Quote: Short, Simple, Sweet

My HusbPreds:

Rascal- Glitter Force
Jackal-Fairy Tail
Lunarre-Tales of Zestiria
Sebastian-Black Butler

i'm #1 Rascal Fan Button by naga07


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